Description: This is the flagship wine created at Lenkey Winery. Only 750 cases were produced for this very first vintage of Lenkey Aszu. This Aszu was created in Hungary's most famous and respected wine region of Tokaj. King Louis XIV proclaimed Tokaji Aszu the “Wine of Kings, King of Wines”. The 6 P is the highest grade for an Aszu to attain. Tasting notes: A complex sweet dessert wine that is extraordinary. Once you get past the initial rush of sweetness, there are many layers of flavor including peach and honey. This wine is considered a family heirloom and can be aged very long -- well beyond 50 years.

Item Number: LENASW1999
Country of Origin: Hungary
Producer: Lenkey
Wine Region: Tokaj
Grape Variety: 100% Furmint
Vintage: 1999
Type: Sweet Wine
Size: 500 mL
Alcohol: 11%​

Lenkey Aszu 6p 1999