January 2017
​Winemaker Gyorgy Lorincz of St. Andrea featured in Gastronomy Magazine

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May 2017

Friends of EDI Hello again!

Thank you to Blackhawk Draeger's and their wine team (Michael and Greg) for hosting the spring wine tasting event with us @ their tasting bar in Danville on May 20th from 2-4PM. We poured some of our best wine selection. For all wines being featured, Draeger's Blackhawk offered a discount to purchase with no minimum quantity required. Thank you all for coming and thank you for all your continued support!

One of today's featured wine - Egri Bikavér (Bull's Blood)

For Hungarian wine, Egri Bikavér means “bull’s blood from the region of Eger”. Legend has it that the wine gets its name from the siege of the Castle of Eger in 1552, when the Hungarian troops drank the red Bikaver it gave them the strength of a bull! The 10,000 Hungarian troops defending the Castle of Eger fought off 100,000 invading troops of the Ottoman empire.

By Hungarian regulation, the Bull's Blood wine must be made of at least three grapes and at least 50% percent must be a native red grape, usually Kékfrankos or Kadarka. These wines are fierce, fiery, fuller-bodied red wines with red/blue stewed and jammy fruits with good acidity.

Hungarian wines are still quite unknown and very underrated. They carry great value for the price and flavor profiles. Only a few of the visitors of the tasting said to have either tried Hungarian wine or visited Hungary. The rest were all pleasantly surprised at the uniqueness of Hungarian wines versus the California ones they are used to. A fun and interesting fact is that all these Hungarian wines are NON-GMO.

March 2017

March 4th, 2017 

Wine Tasting @ Draeger's San Mateo Wine Bar 222 E 4th Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401
We would like to thank Draeger's San Mateo and their wine team (Oliver, Marlene, and Dan) for giving us the opportunity to host a wine tasting at their wine bar. We showcased some of our best wines. For all wines being poured, Draeger's offered a discount to purchase with no minimum quantity required. Overall, the turnout was wonderful. Thank you all for coming and supporting! See you all next time!

April 2017

April 7th, 2017

​Thank you to our new friends from Murcia, Spain for visiting us.
We would like to welcome Frederico Marco from La Purismia Bodegas, Maria Lafuente of Boedgas Arolren, and Jesus Sanchez of Tercia de Ulea to Burlingame, CA. USA.

Murcia is in a southeast region of Spain, the climate here is Mediterranean. The coast contains the sub-regions of Valencia, Catalonia and Murcia. Murcia is a warmer growing region that produce a bulk of value wines from the deep red fruit driven Monastrell to aromatic white Malvasia and the widely planted Airén. Most of the wines we tasted from these wineries contained either Monastrell or Syrah. Spanish wines are often overlooked and underrated even though they becoming the largest producer of wine in the world.

A great time was had by all as we tasted their latest and greatest wine offerings. We look forward to a long lasting relationship!

Google Wine Tasting Event 

Delucchi’s Summer Wine Event

Summer is here! The weather has been extremely hot by California Bay Area standards. The thermostat in our area hit over 100 F on Sunday June 18th.

Thanks to Michelle and the entire Delucchi’s Team for giving us an opportunity to showcase some of our wines that Delucchi’s carries. Our summer tasting event yesterday 6/22/2017 had a great turnout and was a great success. We are glad everyone enjoyed the wines! Thank you to everyone who came and participated in the wine tasting! We appreciate everyone’s support.

Please support your new local market Delucchi’s Market, recently opened in 2014, located in Redwood City right next to Menlo Park. They carry a variety of foods, beverages, and fresh vegetables. For the next month or so on Thursday evenings, they have live music in the Marsh Manor shopping center where Delucchi’s is located.

Thanks again Delucchi’s! Till next time!

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